Sunday, March 29, 2009

Caught Smoking

Things are quite normal here on "the floor" at Children's Hospital. Noah is feeling much better and the doctor has allowed him to feed a small bit (2 ounces every three hours). Here's a small snippet of what last night was like...

9:30 Mommy and Daddy "tried" to go to bed
9:35 Oxygen Saturation (SAT) monitor beeps because his saturation level is below the recommended limit (it beeps several times and then Noah's level returns to normal)
9:42 Nurse comes in the room to give antibiotics through IV on a pump machine
9:49 SAT monitor beeps several times
9:57 IV pump machine beeps to tell us it's almost finished
10:02 IV pump machine is finished and beeps repeatedly
10:06 Finally the nurse comes in the room to turn IV pump machine off
10:12 Respiration Therapist (RT) comes in to give Noah medication through a nebulizer (happens every four hours)
10:25 Noah is agitated after the nebulizer treatment and begins to cry
10:29 The nurse comes in and gives Noah a diuretic to help his lungs drain
10:37 Noah is coughing and needs to be suctioned
10:49 Noah cries because he has a wet diaper

This is just one hour. Add to that feedings every three hours, pumping every three hours, random Wubba Nub escapes (we had to put his pacifier back in his mouth), the cleaning crew coming to empty the trash and soiled linen receptacle, and temperature and blood pressure taken twice during the night. Needless to say, Kc and I are quite tired. It did help to have our own pillows and down comforter, though. We're becoming accustomed to the routine interruptions and take comfort in the knowledge that it won't last forever – home is just a few days away!

Kc got up around 2:00 am, and in his sleep deprived state, thought he caught Noah and the RT smoking a hookah. He was preparing to have "the talk" with his son about the dangers of controlled substances. Just because an RT said it was cool to smoke, doesn't mean you should give in to peer pressure. Kc soon realized, however, it was Noah's nebulizer treatment.The Jackson family will be spending the day relaxing and getting better. We will be gradually increasing the amount Noah is fed, hopefully getting back up to 4 ounces. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers. We are truly in good hands here.


  1. The Tanner FamilyMarch 29, 2009 at 2:29 PM

    Wow! We are exhausted just reading about your hour last night, but we have to say that we smiled quite a bit with the smoking bit. It's never to early to start having those "talks" :-)

  2. We are so sorry Noah is not feeling well. However, I'm sure he's working on a speedy recovery to get everyone back to the comforts of home (and those cozy beds of yours)! I hope tonight is a little less interuptive for you, and you gain even a few more minutes of sleep. We keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Emily & The Schalk family.

  3. Your schedule sounds exhausting! Hopefully you guys will get to go home soon so you can get a good night's sleep. Love you guys!

  4. I missed so much over the weekend - Happy 2 Month Birthday! Your schedules are seriously grueling. Hang in there. All my love and prayers, Shari

  5. Spedial prayers to you all. Loved the picture of the dog giving Noah kisses. We love those Labs. You are all so brave and are in our Dear Lord's hand. I love Is. 41:10 & 13. Just imagine God holding you in His righteous right hand. AWESOME. Love to all, Cousin Joan from Rockton

  6. Well we now know for sure what a strong,brave little man you have there. He won't let this RSV thing keep him down for long. You go Noah!!!Be ready mom and dad you have a real fighter on your hands. Hang in there and it is amazing to see how much longer he is compared to his teddy now. Many prayers and hugs to you all.
    M. Kusch and Family


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