Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It is looking so beautiful here in Fresno.  All the leaves are turning and falling to the ground.   

We were picking up the mail and paper at Nana and PopRo's house after church on Sunday {they were visiting Cuz Hunter and Cuz Brooklyn in Texas} and couldn't resist playing a bit.

Bubs tried his hand at raking the leaves into piles.
This thing is just too hard to operate.
Perhaps a broom will be easier.
Yes...that's much easier.
Throwing them in the air, however, is the easiest yet...and so much fun!
I love the leaves.
It's raining leaves.
I've found a beautiful one.
The classic JCrew pensive pose.
I've buried myself in leaves.  This is so much fun!  I love the leaves!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Swim Therapy

I hope this Thanksgiving Week was as much fun for you as it has been for me.  I had the entire week off and was able to go to several of Noah's therapy appointments, spend time with friends and family, catch up on my sleep {I just LOVE nap time}, cook as much as I wanted, eat more than I should, finish almost all of my Christmas shopping and start to decorate the house.  Tomorrow is going to be quite a shock to my system as I head back to work.

Bubs has recently started aquatic therapy as part of his physical therapy program.  Mr. Man just loves going to the "swimming pool" and asks about it frequently throughout the week.

Bubs is ready to play in the pool.
Covering up the star fish for the picture.
Noah had to walk the length of the pool {he is neck deep in the water} with weights on his ankles in order to reach the whale.  He then gets to throw toys in the whale's mouth.
Sorry the shots are so blurry...I took them with my iPhone behind glass walls.
Then Bubs practiced floating on his back which he DID NOT like.  Next came the kicking with flippers.  Mr. Man enjoyed kicking all around the pool with the noodle.
He finished the session with a slide down the whale's mouth.
He was so excited when he got to the bottom but did not want to go again.  Too funny!
Thank you Aimee and Morgan...you make therapy so much fun for Noah!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


This is what a little boy's shoes should look like...wet, muddy, and covered in grass.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Water and Pishhhh

I know what you're thinking...not another post about Bubs and his love of fish {or pishhh, as he calls them}.

Are you kidding me?  
We get it, ok.  
Mr. Man loves him some sea creatures.
Can you please find something else to write about.

Well...you are correct.  Bubs just loves anything that has to do with the ocean.  Ever since our trip to the aquarium, Mr. Man has been infatuated with fish...and whales...and dolphins...and stingrays...and sharks...and starfish...and jellyfish...

But, we're not talking about those fish today.  No, today we're talking about goldfish {the yummy little crackers}.  Noah has been working with an occupational therapist for almost a year.  The progress he has made has been monumental {if not slow}.  Bubs is now taking small sips of water and swallowing it.  He is also licking almost all food we put in front of him and will "dance" his teeth on most food.

Last night, at dinner, Bubs would first lick the goldfish and then put it into his bowl of water.
He got such a kick out of scooping the floating fish up in his spoon.
He would then sip spoonfuls of salty, fishy water.  Yum!
Fish soup!  It's the best!

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