Monday, June 24, 2013

Eating New Foods

Noah has been experimenting with eating new foods this summer.  He continues to love anything that is creamy and completely devoid of texture {yes to yogurt, no to applesauce} as well as anything that easily crumbles in his mouth {graham crackers, fish crackers, animal crackers}.

In an attempt to expand his very small repertoire of food he chooses to eat, as well as introduce new flavors to his virgin taste buds, Bubs and I have been scouring the grocery store for things to eat.  Noah will typically choose a box based upon the cartoons on the front and then not like the contents inside {perhaps an introductory lesson on marketing will be in his future}.  We have discovered, however, a few new foods that he enjoys.

Behold, America's favorite cookie...the Oreo.  Bubs loves to twist the cookies apart and lick the creamy filling out.
And Bugles...America's stinkiest snack food.  Auntie Nessa taught him how to stick them on his fingers and pretend they are long nails.  Noah, however, pretends they are light sabers.
With every new food that Noah tries, I see a glimmer of hope, in the very, very distant future, that my Little Man might be one day be g-tube free.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Champion Swimmer

Noah finished his swimming lessons by the end of May and had an absolute BLAST!!!  He truly LOVED his teacher, Mr. Nick, and learned so much.  We have spent so many afternoons in Nana & Papa's pool and Mr. Man is a confident little fish.  He has no fear in the pool and swims all over it. 

During his last lesson, Mr. Nick had fun with Noah and they played with gigantic ducks.

My Little Fish!

It was hard to get a picture of Noah during his graduation ceremony...darn afternoon sun.  Here he is smiling for the camera.
He was so proud of his medal and ribbon.
My champion swimmer!!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Preschool Program 2013

Once again, Noah's teachers outdid themselves for the end of the year program.  Both the Regular-Ed and Special-Ed classes worked together to create a memorable event for the parents and students.

Our interm-principal introduced the teachers and students who were ready to wow us by their singing, signing, and dancing.  Noah is right in the middle...front and center.
Noah's amazing teacher welcomed us all and thanked the parents for all of their support over the past year.
Seconds before the first song started, Noah turned around to see who was behind him.  I guess he just wanted to reassure the other students that they were going to do great.
He then gave the poor, unsuspecting girl beside him a "we can do this" hug.  She was less than thrilled by Noah's encouragement.
During most of the program, Bubs sang the songs but either played with his grass skirt or held his hand in front of his mouth.  Perhaps he was pretending it was a microphone?!?
Here he is doing a bit of dancing while holding his hand/microphone in front of his mouth. 
 On a rare occasion, he did decide to sign with the other kiddos.
They sang his favorite song, Slippery Fish, and he does finally get into it at the end of the song.
When Noah grows up, he wants to be a whale doctor.
I am so proud of my little preschooler!!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Last Day of School 2013

I can't believe how fast...and at times slow...this year has gone by.  Bubs has grown so much and I am so proud of him and all his hard work this year.
What a difference a year makes!

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