Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tempting Fate you remember two weeks ago when I mentioned that Noah was finally finished with his antibiotics?


Do you remember how I joked about Noah needing to get his "antibiotic fix"?


Do you also remember how I tempted fate and wrote "bronchial infection here we come"?


Well...bronchial infection here we are. On Monday, Kc took our sick little guy into the pediatrician's office and he was diagnosed with bronchitis. So we're back on antibiotics and Mr. Man is making a s-l-o-w recovery.

That will teach me to joke about drugs.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kid's Connection

This past Sunday, Kc and I had the opportunity to go to church...alone. In the past, we have always taken Noah with us and held him through the service. As the little guy is getting older, it is becoming more and more difficult.

A typical Sunday starts with the Jackson's walking in just before the worship starts and picking seats in the very back of the sanctuary. After the worship is over {which Noah does love} and the message begins, Kc and I pass Noah back and forth as we try to entertain him with silent toys. Several of the toys are thrown to the neighbors sitting around us and eventually Mr. Man starts coughing and needs to be suctioned. Kc and I take turns who will get up and take Noah out to the entryway or the cry room and suction him. We have been unable to drop the little guy off at Kid's Connection {what The Well calls Sunday School} because he needs to have someone who is trach trained with him at all times. This past Sunday, however, Nana offered to attend an earlier service so she could volunteer in the nursery and be there for Noah. How awesome! It was so nice to listen to the message and be able to focus on the word rather than on our little guy. Thanks so much Nana!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Hunter

Happy Birthday Cuz Hunter. Wow! The big 2.0. Cannot believe it was just a year ago that we were celebrating your first birthday. In honor of your special day, Noah has brought out all of his cars to play with and is wearing his Lightning McQueen sweatshirt. Hope you have a great day!!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Noah is NOT a fan of grass. In fact, he thinks it might possibly the worst thing in the whole wide world {maybe even worse than nebulizer treatments}. We have been spending some time every day in the grass to try and get him used to the feel and texture.Most days start out with Noah trying to curl his toes into his feet and holding his arms up in the air so he doesn't have to touch any of that HORRIBLE grass. After the initial crying period is over, Noah begins to accept the fact that short of levitation, there is nothing that can prevent him from touching the yucky green stuff. He will eventually start to smile {just a bit} but absolutely refuses to have any fun! We've got a long way to go to get this kid ready to roll around in the grass.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Not Gunna Sleep

Now that Noah can pull himself up and cruise around, nap time has been more of a challenge. We lowered the crib mattress as low as it could go, but Mr. Man still manages to pull himself up and "hang out" in his crib. He has recently learned that if he pulls the curtains aside, he can look outside.

Wouldn't you rather watch the birds fly by, find shapes in clouds, and daydream about playing in the sunshine than take a stinkin' nap?!?

Oh, sweet boy, just go to sleep!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Kicks...again

Once again, Noah has outgrown his old boots. Kc took him in to be fitted last week, but was unfortunately unable to pick out the new straps. I think Daddy-O is a bit disappointed because we're back to "babyish" straps. The cars and trucks are OK, but flames or camouflage are so much cooler!Noah seems to love his new boots regardless of the strap pattern. They fit his feet so much better and with a little bit of effort, he can wiggle his feet out of the boots in the middle of the night {something he was never able to do in the old boots}. It's awesome to wake the Little Guy up in the morning and see his boots at one side of the crib while he's curled up at the opposite side. I'm not sure Noah's orthopaedic surgeon would condone this behavior.
On a different note, Noah had his final dose of antibiotics last night. Since birth, Mr. Man has been on one antibiotic or another due to infections, surgeries, and to prevent bladder infections {remember those strictures in his urethra}. Today was Noah's very first antibiotic-free day! Ever! How awesome is that?!? I'm sure he'll have an excuse to get his "antibiotic fix" in the future - bronchial infection here we come - but for the time being, we can cross that medication off the list and focus on eliminating one or two more.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


For Noah's first birthday, Auntie Nessa and Uncle Drew sent him a Wedgehead.
Wedgehead has his eye on you...and he likes what he sees! Finally, someone who understands him! He is very handsome too...can't you tell? What do you mean he looks pitiful? Look at that charismatic posture! Wedgehead understands you too. He sees things the way you see them... OK, so he has to stand on his head to do so, but still! He understands exactly what you mean. Wedgehead and his best buddy OX are on a mission to prove that humans really do exist, and he would like you to help them on their quest. The proof can be found in the snacks! Have any?

When I opened up the box I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Wedgehead is an adorable little guy with one eye - just like my adorable little guy. How awesome to have a "doll" that looks just like you! When I showed Noah his new gift, however, he had a VERY different opinion. He HATED Wedgehead. Noah would bat it out of the way whenever you placed Wedeghead in front of him. On one occasion, he even cried when we tried to play with Wedgehead. Needless to say, the poor little doll found it's way to the bottom of the toy bin.

A few weeks ago, however, Kc pulled Wedgehead out and gave it to Noah during a routine diaper change. For whatever reason, Noah LOVED his Wedgehead. He looked at Wedgehead with such joy in his eye and a smile that lit up the nursery, as if to say, "Where have you been all my life?" From that day on, Noah and Wedgehead have been best buds!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

This past weekend, we celebrated Easter with Grandma and Grandpa Jackson in Rocklin. Kc, Noah and I drove up on Friday evening. We picked up Kc's cousin, Hannah, along the way and were set to make the drive north. Although it rained most of the trip {which made for a very long, slow drive} we arrived in time for Noah to play a bit before bedtime.
Me, Kc, Noah, Grandma, and Grandpa
Kc, Me, Noah, and Hannah
We had a wonderfully relaxing weekend and Noah had plenty of play time as well as bonding time with his grandparents.When we finally arrived home {oh, yes, it rained most of the drive home as well} Noah had a special delivery from the Easter Bunny. It did not take him very long to pull everything out of the basket.

Friday, April 2, 2010

He's a Travelin' Man

Noah's surgery went well on Tuesday. After the 2 1/2 hour surgery was over, the doctor met us in the waiting room and told us that in all her years of surgery, Noah's case was one of the most unusual she has ever seen. Of course! Mr. Man has always been unusual and unique! He is never boring! While in the recovery room, the nurses gave Noah his first Easter Basket. Notice the adorable Easter Bear in an emesis tray. Too cute!!!
Noah has a catheter for the next week or so which allows his "boy parts" to heal properly. He has to be double diapered as well, to keep his "parts" as clean as possible.

Well...we're off to Rocklin to spend Easter with Grandma and Grandpa Jackson. As most parents know, the art of packing for a trip when small children are involved, is complicated at best. After thinking about the essentials for your child {shirts, pants, jackets, jammies, socks, shoes, etc.} you need to ponder some complicated questions. How many diapers will we need for three days? How much extra formula do I bring {just in case}? Is one pack of wipes enough, or do I need two? Should I bring the extra pack-n-play sheet {just in case}?

Once all those decisions are made, then we move on to the uniqueness of Noah. We need the portable suction machine, extra trachs {just in case}, extra G-Tube {just in case}, suction catheters, feeding tubes, apnea monitor, portable high chair, feeding pump, bags for feeding pump, pack-n-play, video monitor, artificial noses, 2 x 2 gauze, medications, power cords for all electronic portable devices, surge protector for all power cords, etc. Sometimes I feel as though we are packing for a month long vacation rather than a short trip to the Grandparent's house. We actually decided to borrow my parent's minivan to make the trip a bit more comfortable. I think the next step will be to rent a U-Haul.

We wish you all a blessed Easter filled with a renewed sense of awe about the love of one Father sacrificing his Son to cleanse your sin. Happy Easter!

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