Monday, January 30, 2012

Under the Sea Birthday Party Bash, part 1's official...
this guy is three years old!
The house was filled with friends and family and we had the most fun "Under the Sea".  I'm going to split the pictures up into several different posts...thankfully...Kc took TONS!

After eating lunch, most of the kiddos headed outside.  Bubs loves sitting on the turtle stepping stone and pretending it's Crush from Finding Nemo
Jonah was so nice to push his twin sister, Riley, around on the bike.
Isn't Jonah just so stinkin' cute?!?
Somehow, Mr. Man conned Nate into giving him and Squirt a wagon ride around the backyard.  I actually think they went around more than once.
Willow was trying to teach Jack how to play golf.
He was a very quick study.
Sweet miss Aria spent most of the morning inside.  Aren't those eyes simply mesmerizing?!?
After all that playing, it was definitely time to have some cake.  Willow was a fantastic server.
Bubs just loved his candle.
I'm just imagining that his wish had something to do with fish, the ocean, and an aquarium.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Third Birthday

I cannot believe my Little Man will be three tomorrow.



There were times when we weren't even sure Bubs would make it to this day.

But he did!

And so have we!

So much has happened these past years...we've gone through so much and have grown so much. 

I cannot wait to celebrate with my little fish fanatic.  We've planned a fun "Under the Sea" party.

We promise to post tons of pictures.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sneak Peek

This week has been so crazy and hectic!  It's the end of the semester at school {can't believe the year is half way over}.  Report cards are due, quarterly assessments need to be graded {and boy, are there ever a lot}, reading levels need to be assessed, and writing prompts need to be evaluated.  Oh my, oh my!

To top this week off, we've got a birthday party coming up.  I've been having so much fun preparing an Under the Sea party for my little fish fanatic!  I promise to make Kc take tons of pictures...unlike last year...but until's a sneak peek.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

New School

Last week, we had Noah's initial IEP {Individualized Education Program} meeting.  It was a huge meeting with his toddler group/special education teacher, speech teacher, vision teacher, program specialist, CVRC case manager, school psychologist, school nurse, and regular education preschool teacher present.  It was determined that Mr. Man would enter the SDC {Special Day Class} half-day preschool at age three.  We are so fortunate that there is an SDC preschool at my school will be attending my school.  WOW!!!!

We have been slowly introducing Noah to this new routine.  We have changed his feeding schedule to coordinate with the preschool snack time.  We have put together his backpack and Bubs is practicing wearing it.  We are talking about going to the new school and the new classroom and the new teacher.

Last weekend we headed over to Copper Hills so Bubs {and Daddy-O} could see where his new room was.  Noah was very excited as we got out of the car.
Walking down the very long hallway, however, he became a bit more unsure of himself.  We showed Bubs where his new room was and he was less than impressed.
The sign at the front of the school was even less impressive.
We decided that a trip to the playground was in order.  Oh my goodness, Mr. Man could not take his backpack off fast enough when he saw the play structure.

There is a fish!!!  Do you hear me people?!?  A fish!!!!!!  And it's SOOOO big!!!!
He immediately climbed up the steps,
went across the fish,
and slid down the twisty slide.  What a brave boy!

He loved walking across the bouncy bridge

and even tried to figure out why it was so bouncy.
He thought the General Store should be open for business.
There were so many places to explore,
hang on,

and climb.

Can you believe that this little guy will be starting preschool soon?!?
I know he is ready...hopefully I will be too!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Monterey Photo Shoot...take two

After our first day at the aquarium, we headed back to the house so the boys could nap.  Jonah took a stellar nap...Bubs on the other hand...well...he did not.

We wanted to take advantage of the fantastic old wall across the street from the house and have another photo shoot.  Jonah was a happy little camper and had so much fun...Bubs on the other hand...well...he did not. 

Jonah posed so nicely for some fun photos...Bubs on the other hand...well...he did not.
How could you not love this adorable little face?!?
Sneakin' a peak.
Being silly on the sidewalk.
 Any taxis coming...
This is the best we got of Mr. Man.
Bubs and his Mama.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Monterey Beach Picnic

Once we arrived in Monterey, we headed straight over to the house.  The boys got to get out of the car and roam around a bit.   
Jonah liked peaking around the gate. 
We then all piled into the car and stopped at a deli to grab a quick picnic lunch.  What an experience that was...the owner of the deli put the Soup Nazi to shame.  We did survive, however, and were on our way to find the perfect picnic spot on the beach.

While it was a bit of a challenge to find a nice spot, it was so amazing to sit {or stand} and look out over God's beautiful creation.

Noah and Jonah had so much fun climbing all over the rocks.  Jonah was a confident little climber who scaled the boulders with the best of them.  Mr. Man, on the other hand, was rightfully much more timid.
He wanted so badly to follow his cousin but didn't have the core strength to go as fast or as far.
Perhaps I'm just a bit too protective, but after his second face plant off the rocks and into the sand, I quickly became the dreaded "Helicopter Mama".
Pop-Ro found a super cool piece of sea weed that Bubs carried around with him for a while.  Jonah thought that Noah should share with him and  a game of tug-of-war was quickly begun.
Those two boys are just so funny together.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Aquarium Interview

Once we returned home from Monterey, all Bubs could talk about was the aquarium.  Every time we went to the car he would ask if we were driving to the aquarium. 

Here's one of the many conversations we have had about the aquarium...don't mind the crooked glasses.

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