Thursday, July 30, 2009


Since Noah was born, I have been expressing breast milk for him. Over these past six months, I have truly developed a love/hate relationship with my pump. I loved the fact that it allowed me to give my little man the best food I could, but I hated the amount of time it took to pump and always feeling like we were attached at the hip (well not actually at the hip, but you get the idea).
I originally set a goal of pumping for six months, knowing that without a goal I would be more likely to quit. I thought six months was SO long, but here we are. I must admit that I am not the least bit sad about quitting. I gave Mr. Man the best I could and am now thrilled to say good-bye and pack the pump away.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Half Birthday...

It was my half birthday yesterday! Mama and Daddy planned a whole lot of fun for me. We celebrated with half of a cupcake. Daddy took my nose off and Mama sang to me. I got so excited that I was able to blow my own candle out! Then it was time to eat the cupcake...well actually Mama and Daddy ate it, but I got to taste the frosting. I also got to put a half dollar in my piggy bank. I know, I know, it's not a piggy, but Mama thought the green turtle was just too cute. I get to add more half dollars to the bank at each half birthday. Pretty soon, I'm going to be rich! All in all, it was a great way to celebrate my half birthday. I'm looking forward to doing this again in another year.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Six Months

Six months ago, Kc shot this picture as we were heading out the door to St. Agnes Hospital. I cannot believe how far we've come in such a short period of time. I knew my life was going to change that day, but I had no idea how much!
Noah got a clean bill of health at his six month check-up yesterday. His current stats are:

Weight: 18 pounds
Length: 26 inches
When Noah was born, he was in the 75th percentile in weight and length. Over the past few months, he dipped down below the 5th percentile. Since his fundoplication and g-tube surgery, however, he is back up to the 5oth percentile. Now that Mr. Man is no longer bulimic, the pounds are just packing on.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Feeding Pump

During the night, Noah is put on a pump which slowly puts food through his G-tube directly into his stomach. We have actually been using the pump at night for several months because we found Noah tolerates food much better while sleeping. Before he has his fundoplication surgery, Noah would throw-up an ounce or two of food after every feeding during the day. At night, however, he would only throw-up once. In order to help him gain weight, we slowly fed him all night long. His old Kangaroo pump attached to an IV pole and was quite large and difficult to travel with...although we took it on every overnight trip we've been on.
On Friday, a nurse came to the condo and traded his Kangaroo pump for a new portable pump. We are SO thrilled with how small and compact it is. It is so portable, that Noah can strap it on and carry it himself - although we just put it next to his crib at night.It truly is the little things in life that make me smile!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Pool Party

On Wednesday, the Bucks and Lassahn's came over to my parents house for a pool party and BBQ. It was so nice to hang out with such amazing friends and laugh at little kiddos playing in the pool. Noah loved being held by Jennifer and though her two kids, Ethan and Ella, were too funny.

After fun in the sun, we all got to sit down to Kc's famous BBQ chicken and vegetables. Noah sat in the highchair that his Mama sat in when she was a baby. Notice that all three pictures of Noah look the same - dazed look with rattle in mouth. He's still not feeling like his happy self, but the antibiotics are definitely working.
Unfortunately, because of Noah's pneumonia, we had to postpone the colostomy reversal that was scheduled for next week to the middle of September. While I am quite disappointed and am not looking forward to ANOTHER seven weeks of dealing with colostomy bags that don't stay on, I know it's the best thing for Noah. Anesthesia and pneumonia just don't mix!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Busy Week

The Jackson family has had a very busy week...sorry I haven't had time to blog.

Last Wednesday Katy McIlhargey and her two month old son, Jackson (isn't that the greatest name), came over for lunch. Well, actually they picked up In-n-Out on the way over. It was so nice to spend some time with another mother who is in the "thick of things". We had a wonderful time, but of course I forgot to take my camera out and snap any pictures of the two boys.

On Friday, Noah and I headed over for a fantastic lunch with Mary Akina and her 22 month old daughter Lizzie. Lizzie was quite fascinated by Noah and LOVED to pet his head and share her toys with him. Notice all the toys she has placed next to him in his bouncer.Lizzie was so very gentle and Noah was quite fascinated with how quickly she moved around him while he was lounging.

Later that afternoon, Susan and Diane stopped by the condo. I have known these ladies since junior high and it was so nice to connect again. Diane's husband, Jeff, was kind enough to take our picture and listen patiently to all of our gabbing.

On Saturday, Kc and I had a wedding to attend so Nana and Papa watched Noah. After the touching wedding ceremony - congratulations Katie & Pete Torstensen - we headed over to the Memorial Building for an elegant reception. Soon after we had finished dinner, Nana called us to let us know that Noah was "very unhappy". He had been a bit crabby that day and was coughing a bit, but it had gotten dramatically worse. Kc and I left the reception as quickly as we could, we didn't even get to dance, and ran into the arms of our crying little man. With a quick call to the pediatrician, it was determined that Noah had pneumonia...for the third time. He was quickly put on antibiotics but after four very uncomfortable days, we headed to the doctor's office yesterday for a chest x-ray. Noah is now on a different antibiotic and we hope it is "the one". He is definitely a trooper and manages to smile through this whole ordeal. Sleeping is the hardest, for both Noah and his parents. He coughs while sleeping and then wakes himself up. It takes a lot to get him quieted down and back to sleep but then he coughs again and the cycle starts all over. He's taking a nap right now and has been down for a little over an hour...Yeah! His little body needs as much rest as possible.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nebulizer Treatments

Because of Noah's asthma, he requires two nebulizer treatments every day. The nebulizer takes a liquid medication and turns it into a mist that Noah then inhales directly into his lungs. You would think that with all the uncomfortable, annoying and painful procedures that Mr. Man has to endure, this would be a piece of cake, but OH NO! Noah HATES his nebulizer treatments. They usually only take five - ten minutes and all he has to do is breathe. For some reason, however, Noah cannot stand them. He usually cries the entire time and works up a sweat kicking his feet and flailing his arms. Poor guy!

Here is Daddy giving Mr. Man his treatment. Daddy is trying to distract him with a rattle and soothe him with loving words. But, alas, nothing seems to work.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

No Words

There are no words to describe the love I feel for my son! He is truly a gift from God and I cannot imagine my life without him. Every day is an adventure that I try not to take for granted. I know this precious time will go by so quickly so I try to savor every moment.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trip to Huntington

On Monday, Nana, Noah and I headed up to Huntington Lake to spend some time with dear friends who are visiting from Pennsylvania. Omi, Jana, Ellie and Brody opened their cabin to us and we had a lovely day in the mountains. After a delicious lunch, and a bit of a nap, we decided to take a cruise around the lake in their boat. Here we are fitting Noah in a life jacket. Ellie is looking on and making sure he's all zipped up correctly.The lake is absolutely GORGEOUS and unfortunately Noah slept through the entire ride. I suppose the rocking of the boat, hum of the motor, and warmth of the sun just did him in. Ellie did an excellent job "driving" the boat (with Omi's help of course) and I wish we could have stayed there much longer, but alas Daddy and Sierra would have missed us too much.

The blue lump under the hat is Noah.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back down to Los Angeles

On Thursday, Noah and I headed back down to Children's Hospital Los Angeles to visit his eye doctor. Because Daddy is trying to conserve his time off, Nana and Papa made the trip with us. Noah was kind enough to sleep most of the way down to Los Angeles, after a brief bit of playing hitting his rattle on the side of his car seat (it makes such a loud noise). Dr. Song said Noah's left eye continues to look really good and has lowered his eye drops from twice a day to only once. We head back down in two months and if all goes well, Noah can stop the eye drops all together. Yeah!

Rather than making the long drive back to the Fresno heat after the doctor's appointment, we headed over to Newport Beach and spent some time with my Aunt Louise, Uncle David, Cousin Sandy, her husband Andy and their three kiddos, Hannah, Kaitlyn and Alexander. Noah loved all the attention and had fun playing with his second cousins.
Kaitlyn got to hold Noah as I fed him his dinner.
We had a lovely dinner and stayed the night down south. This was Noah's first night away from Daddy, and while Noah did fine, I think Daddy was quite sad! After a yummy brunch, we got back in the car and headed towards the heat. I brought my camera with me, but forgot to charge the batteries, so thanks Nana for the pictures.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


While at the cabin in Huntington Lake, we went on several hikes. Noah seemed to like the change of scenery, and even fell asleep one afternoon during the hike.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Daddy's Beard

Noah just LOVES his Daddy. He especially loves his beard. He loves to rub his hand along Daddy's whiskers and stick his fingers in his mouth. Perhaps it's because of the different textures that Noah always sticks his hand up, but Daddy always obliges and loves the taste of Baby Noah.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our First Vacation

Over this past Fourth of July weekend, the Jackson family went on their first official vacation. We have some friends who graciously offered us their cabin at Huntington Lake, just a little over an hour from Fresno. While we have been out of town several times over the past five months, this was our first trip that was all about relaxation! The weekend was filled with hikes, naps, bbq, reading, swimming and reconnecting.

We had a surprise visit from Grams who has a cabin close by. Sierra LOVES to swim in the lake. She spent so much time retrieving sticks that Daddy threw. A tired dog is a happy dog!

Monday, July 6, 2009


Some of the most precious moments of the day happen when Noah is curled up on me. He buries his head into my chest and cuddles so tenderly. He looks at me with such amazing love and devotion. That feeling is reflected right back at him. A Mama's love is tremendous!

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