Saturday, October 20, 2012

25...and counting

This past Wednesday, we headed back to the hospital to have the tube removed from Noah's tear duct.  If you remember, back in March, Noah had surgery to open up his clogged tear duct and the tube was placed so it could heal properly.  Well...Bubs has healed properly...and that tube needed to come out.

We had done quite a bit of talking about going to the hospital and the procedure that was going to take place.  Bubs was not thrilled but was quite brave and strong through out the majority of the pre-surgical process.  
Notice that the eye doctor initialed above Noah's eye...indicating the left eye was the correct one to do surgery if they could have done surgery on another eye.

Thanks to some happy juice, Versed, Mr. Man was quite calm when they wheeled him into the surgery room.  About fifteen minutes later, our eye doctor came into the waiting room to tell us that he was unable to remove the tube.


Unable to remove the tube?

You put it there...why can't you remember where you put it and take it out?


It seems that Bubs' skull is abnormally shaped {already knew that} and his sinuses are abnormally large {already knew that}.  The doctor planned on going up through Noah's nose, grabbing a hold of the tube, and pulling it out.  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!  Well...after quite a bit of "poking and prodding" the doctor was unable to find the end of the tube in Noah's cavernous sinus. 

So...we're being referred to an ENT for a full scope and removal...and we get to do this all over again.  Fan.tas.tic!!!

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  1. Boo.... Sure they were looking in the correct eye?


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