Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Monterey Bay Aquarium...again

In order to get away from the unbearable Fresno heat {I mean, seriously, 101 on the first day in October?!} the Jacksons headed over to Monterey for the weekend.  Bubs was super excited to visit his most favorite place in the whole wide world...The Monterey Bay Aquarium! 

We started out by visiting the tidal pools and taking the obligatory picture.  Noah just loves the anticipation of the tidal wave.
He got such a kick out of watching the water crash down into pool.
Bubs continues to LOVE to touch and feel everything.  Fortunately, the aquarium has loads of things to touch.
I think we spent the most time at the Flippers, Flukes, and Fun exhibit that fay.  Bubs fell in love with the humpback whale and dolphin fins and flippers.  He walked around with the fins on his arms
and made whale sounds.
He was so proud of himself.
We finished Day 1 with a quick trip to the Splash Zone and Noah, once again, loved the clam.
You heard that right...Day 1.  After a lovely walk along Cannary Row, scrumptious appetizers, a mediocre dinner, and a restful sleep in charming hotel, we headed back to the aquarium for Day 2.

Bubs requested {quite forcibly} that we immediately visit the Flippers and Fins again.  He was such a ham.

He loved to watch himself in the mirror wearing the fins while "swimming" and "bellowing" like a whale.

That is his "fishy" whale face. 

I requested that we visit the Jelly Fish Experience and Bubs agreed that he needed to show his toy jelly what the real things look like.  There were some amazing jellies on exhibit including some upside-down jellyfish {notice toy jellyfish is upside-down}

and white spotted jellyfish {notice toy jellyfish is swimming slowly}.

Mr. Man even got to play on a larger than life version.  He decided that his toy jellyfish might be feeling a bit inferior compared to all the amazing {and live} species we saw so Ice Bird {from Angry Birds} came out and took it's place.

We also spent some time with the seahorses.    
Shortly before leaving the aquarium, we headed out onto the deck and looked for sea otters in the ocean.  There were at least four that we could easily see floating amongst the kelp.
After a fantastic lunch {which certainly made up for the mediocre dinner the night before} we headed down to the beach for a bit of "sand time".  Bubs was more than happy to take his shoes off but wanted to keep his socks on...thank.you.very.much!  We all know that Noah is NOT a fan of the beach, so I was willing to accept anything so that he'd venture out onto the sand.

Who knew that the beach was so much fun in socks, long pants, and a long sleeve shirt?!?  It turns out that if Bubs is fully covered he is able to enjoy the sand.
Noah rolled in it, dug in it, had so much fun!
What an amazingly fun weekend!  The perfect little get-away for our little family.


  1. Now that whale face is better than Dorys! Your splash pics gat awesomer and awesomer

  2. Oh how I would love to go again!! Noah is getting to be such a big boy. He looks older! I love that he was rolling in the sand too. I guess all of his protective gear made all the difference :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you for sharing Noah's enthusiasm with us:)

    2. What incredible pictures!!!! I just love your storytelling with the pictures........feels like I am there with you!!!

  4. Noah is now my favorite fish in the whole ocean. Sorry Dorie! Fish, jellies, and whales are so much fun. Thanks for his story it is wonderful.

  5. Wonderful story of an exceptional child enjoying fantastic experiences. Keep up the great work showing the wonders of the ocean, so he too can become a faithful steward of our natural resources.Thanks for sharing.


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