Monday, October 22, 2012

Single Palm Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend, we headed out to the Single Palm Pumpkin Patch with some friends.  Bubs was super excited to look for pumpkins, go on a hay ride, and run around with his buddies.    

As soon as we got to the patch, we hopped right on the tractor for Noah's first hay ride.  He was very excited, and a bit nervous, but thoroughly enjoyed the ride.  The farmer gave us quite the tour of the patch along with an explanation of how pumpkins grow.
Mr. Man had to get his sea legs back after the hay ride.
Now...we were off to find the perfect pumpkin!
The kiddos all had to check out the large Jack-o-Lantern in the middle of the patch.  Jonah loved to hop from hay bale to hay bale while Riley was happy to bang on the metal pumpkin.
Noah spent quite a bit of time searching for the perfect pumpkin.  

What about this one?  
Or this one?
I've found it!  The perfect pumpkin!
Bubs found the smallest, greenest pumpkin {thanks to Karen's keen eye} in the patch and instantly fell in love.

After picking out the pumpkins, we checked out the rest of the farm.  There was a pig {who was snoozing in his house}, a cute story time area, and fun places to take pictures.

Jonah was all about taking pictures.  He loved being a scarecrow.
Riley joined in the action and was a cute scarecrow.
Noah, on the other hand, was quite skeptical of sticking his face through the hole.  He kept staring at Jonah wondering what in the world he was doing.
I tried to show Noah that it was fun to stick your face in the hole and take a picture.
After much insisting, Bubs tried it.  He was not amused. 
On our way back to the car, Mr. Man had to check out all the scary masks.  He was so funny because he would tell us, "It's sooo scary!", but then spend quite a bit of time inspecting the mask. 
We had a fun time with our friends Jonah
and Riley.
What a fun way to usher in this Fall Season!


  1. Mmmmm so fun.... He is so fun to see in pictures!

  2. LOL!!! "He was not amused." He is so expressive!! Great pics, as usual, and I LOVE the pumpkin Bubs chose. Just perfect.


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