Saturday, January 31, 2009

I am grounded...

This morning, while the nurses were changing shifts, I thought now is the perfect opportunity. I glanced around the room, which is not that easy considering I only have one eye, and waited until no one was looking. I quietly wrapped my fingers around my ET tube and began to pull. Out of nowhere, Nurse Liz pried the tube out of my hand and gave me a stern lecture. She called the doctor and they decided I should be grounded. As a punishment, I had to apologize to them both and write a letter explaining to everyone how my ET tube should NOT be removed. I had to sign it and everything.
As soon as that was finished, the urologist came in to run some tests. She explained to me that she would be checking out how well I was peeing. After she took off my diaper, I thought the best thing I could do was show her...and Nurse Liz. They both commented on my aim while running to get a towel. Men everywhere should be proud!

Shortly before Mom and Dad got in this morning, Nurse Liz gave me some "special medicine". I don't remember much of what happened the rest of the day. I think she is in league with the anesthesiologist.


  1. Dear Noah,
    I can't wait to meet you! Everyday, I look to see more of your story. You are beautiful, brave, and strong.... and what an amazing Mommy and Daddy you have. Our hearts are with you....
    Benjamin (and Diane and Jeff, too!)

    dc VC

    The above was posted by Hunter Smith (Age 9 Mos)

    Translated into grownup it says "Noah, I cant wait to play with you, I have a lot to teach you. I am very proud of your parents they are doing a great job and love you very very much. I will see you soon cousin. Love Hunter"

    Translated with creative license by Adam Smith

  3. Rebecca, Kc and are all such a shining example of faith and strength. Your story is such a testimony to what love is. appears that you are as strong physically as you are with your will..take it easy with the nurses and those tubes!

    Love you all of you!!! Kim Maurer

  4. Noah,
    You continue to amaze us all. Not only are you strong and courageous, but you have remarkable penmanship as well! Keep up the good work and tell your parents to do the same.

    All our love and prayers,
    The Philly Bucks


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