Thursday, January 29, 2009

My first surgery...

Okay... So the doctor told me this afternoon that I would have to have surgery. What??? I was protesting as loudly as I possibly could (which isn't all that loud) when the anesthesiologist came into the room. I don't remember anything after that. Mom and Dad came by after the surgery was finished and told me that everything went well. I now have a hole in my side where a bag will be attached. Pretty cool, huh?
I have a very uncomfortable tube going into my lungs right now to help me breathe. The nurses promise that it will be removed some time tomorrow, if I promise to breathe properly. I have been pretty good about following their orders...we'll see how I feel about that tomorrow.

P.S. Mom and Dad told me that I came to Children's Hospital in a transport called a bus that was loaded onto an ambulance. Go figure?


  1. Dear Becky and Kc, your little boy is just beautiful; an angel, really. I am so glad he is getting excellent medical and surgical care to help him over the bumps in the road right now. I am honored, as a relative, to be on TEAM NOAH and will continue to pray for him and for you two,as well, and cheer him on and love him from afar.
    All my best wishes, Cousin Ruth

  2. Noah is such a handsome little guy! We'll be praying for you guys and the journey ahead.

    Emily Fletcher Kapic

  3. noah, youre awesome and as tuff as nails!! we love you and your family so much and were prayin' hard!!! Bettie Lou can't wait to meet you and get into stuff!!!

  4. Noah-
    I haven't had the pleasure to meet you or your mom, however I know your daddy. Your dad is an amazing man and I know he loves you very deeply. All three of you are in my thoughts. I look forward to meeting you soon!

  5. Dear Becky, KC, and Noah,
    I just got your blog from my mom, Ruth McGinnis.
    Your son is beautiful! A miracle. He is a total BISCUIT and I look forward to keeping up with your journey as he gets stronger and healthier every day! You are all three in my prayers.
    Lots of love,
    Kelly McGinnis von Hemert

  6. Hello Jackson Family!

    We just got word that your miracle arrived! Yay! Noah is such an answer to your prayers and ours. Jeff and Noah will have to trade colostomy stories someday. That is one unique experience and boy have we have been there!

    Parents of special needs kids are a rare breed and you two are no exception. I'm sure at times you will feel inadequate as parents (who of us hasn't!) but no doubt you will surprise yourselves with strength you didn't know you had. Of course, it is no surprise to our Father, he hand picked you to raise Noah. What a blessing!

    Much love,
    The Grunau Family


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