Friday, June 1, 2012

Mini-Olympic Field Trip

Noah had his first field trip with his pre-school class last week.  Our school district hosts a Special Olympic Event for all students in the Special Education program as well as a Mini-Olympic day for all the pre-schoolers.  
This year, the Mini-Olympic Event was open to all regular-ed and special-ed pre-schoolers in the district.  Nana did an excellent job as a chaperone and took some fantastic photos as well as videos and I stole some pictures from my friend Erin's facebook page...Thanks Erin!

The kiddos all painted their own shirts...aren't they just the cutest???  The CH is for Copper Hills and the pick represents our school mascot, the Miner.
The kiddos were divided into small groups to complete each of the four games.  The first one was a bit of a challenge for Bubs.  They had to pick up a wet sponge from a bucket, jump through the rings on the ground, squeeze the water into the bucket on the other side, and return the sponge to the first bucket.  Noah didn't really want to touch the wet sponge {cold, wet, and slimy are still not his favorite} and then once he did pick it up he wanted to squeeze the water out immediately, in the first bucket.
Nana did an excellent job stepping in and helping Bubs understand the "rules" of the game. 

The next activity was definitely MUCH better.  Who doesn't love music, bubbles, dancing, and pom-poms???
Mr. Man had a great time shaking his booty.

After all that activity, snacks are a definite must!   

Don't get me wrong, Bubs was not actually eating anything...just licking the salt off his crackers.
The parachute was definitely Bubs' FAVORITE!!!  He had so much fun running and jumping and playing with his friends.
It's so fun to watch Noah doing what the "big kids" are doing.
All good things must come to an end...but not without an Otter Pop.   Bubs is quite the fan of Popsicles and found the Otter Pop to be quite enjoyable!
We are so blessed that Noah is a part of an amazing Special Education program through our district. 


  1. Yay Noah - shake those pom-poms! Loved how he got into the parachute jump. :) Blesses my heart to see all he's doing now.

  2. Ahh that's sooooo cute and love seeing him sooo happy!! That looked like a fabulous time by all...and otter pops are the best...esp after a long hard day of hot fun! Love that Noah is part of the CH community!!! Your school is amazing!!!


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