Thursday, June 14, 2012

First Haircut

Ok...this is not Noah's first haircut.  I have been cutting Mr. Man's hair since he was a wee little one.  Noah's hair seems to grow quite fast and I never thought he would sit still enough for a "professional" hair cut.

As the curl has been falling out of Bub's hair, I kept it pretty long.  I suppose I was trying to hang on to the last of his baby curl.  Well...those baby curls are officially Little Man is no longer a baby...this boy needed a haircut.

After several referrals from friends, we headed to Cool Cuts 4 Kids.  I figured that they would be the experts in cutting the hair of wiggly three year olds. 

Noah immediately found the train table and was in LOVE.  His Cuz Jonah {more on the two of them later} has been teaching him all about Thomas and Friends and so Noah felt like a pro at the table.  While we were waiting, I would periodically show Bubs the other kids who were getting their hair cut.  We talked about the scissors, the comb, the spray bottle, and the electric clippers.  He seemed to be OK with them...well, at least for other kids.

Little did I know that Bubs was not OK with them on his head.  Mr. Man sat down in his fire engine chair {too cute} and started to watch Thomas and Friends on the TV in front of him.  I was planning on taking some cute pictures {for the Blog, of course}, but as soon as our WONDERFUL stylist started to comb Noah's hair the screaming began.  Then the crying, kicking, thrashing, bucking, hitting, and wailing ensued.  Our AMAZING stylist didn't even bat an eye as I pinned Mr. Man's arms down and tried to hold his head steady.  Let me tell you, Bubs is strong...I got a work out trying to keep him in his seat and still. 

After the haircut was finished, Noah got to pick out a lollypop {apple is his favorite these days}.  The smile started to return and once we left the building {after a very. large. tip} Bubs was his usual, cheerful self.
Doesn't my Little Man look so grown-up?!?  I can't believe how big he is getting...time is truly going by way too fast!!!

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  1. surgery... no big deal, a haircut however, now that's a big deal! He looks so handsome (and happy!). Have fun with the cuz.


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