Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Baking

All of you who know me know that I don't bake.

Don't like it.

Never do it.

Respect those who can.

Understand my limitations.

I just can't.

I come from a long line of bakers. My grandmother was an amazing baker. She felt no dinner was complete without a touch of sweet at the end. Whether it was her amazing chocolate chip cookies, awesome chocolate cake, or marvelous apple pies...she made baking look effortless.

I remember Christmas Baking Days as a little girl. My Mom, Gretchen, Jo, and Kathy would spend an entire day baking Norwegian delicacies...krumkake, rosettes, spritz, and berlinerkranser to name a few.

I however, did not inherit any of those great baking genes. I have attempted many times, mind you, but everything I try just seems to fall flat. Literally!

So Nana has moved on to Noah. She is attempting to try and pass down some of her baking secrets to my Little Man...seeing as how they have failed to stick with me.

For my birthday, Nana and Noah made me my favorite red velvet cupcakes. So delish! Today, Nana and Noah made traditional Chex Mix. Yumm-O!
My sweet Little Man just loves to stir.
Note to self...teach son to bake so I don't have to.



  1. How cute: Grandma Betty and Noah in the kitchen! So much love is evident in this sweet relationship!

  2. Love it! I was just thinking about Chex Mix myself today. Perhaps Noah and Colin can hone their culinary skills together; it seems that Colin wants to be a part of the process EVERY time I am in the kitchen. I can hardly wait until he actually has more than two teeth to sink into some of it :-)

  3. That is so cute!!! Love their happy was that moment :)Priceless memories for all.

  4. So cute Noah :) I love your smiling face! Your Grandma Betty sure is lucky to have you around to help!!! Your daddy-o sure liked to cook when he was young... he made good pies! But I think that was in High School so no worries, you don't have to make pies yet... I think your mom has a plan though :) See you soon!
    Love, Grandma Cindy

  5. Me again...I just made the EASIEST sweet treat ever. It's perfect for the baking-challenged: Bark! It only took 20 minutes and the "hardest" thing was melting the chocolate (in the microwave, even) and there is NO baking required :-) If you are in the mood, I'll forward the recipe (there's actually six on the website that I got it from). It is SO yummy!!


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