Sunday, February 5, 2012

First Day of School

Noah was supposed to start school on Monday the 30th.  We had been preparing for several weeks.  We made trips to the new school, took plenty of pictures, practiced the new routine, and talked about it over and over again.  We also took the pictures and put them into a book.  Every night we would read the book and get excited about "Copper Hills School" {as Noah calls it}. 

Well, the day before school, Bubs developed a runny nose which slowly got worse and worse throughout the day.  And then the cough started...and boy was it a wicked cough.  The poor guy had such a hard time breathing.  He couldn't breathe through his nose - too stuffed up.  He didn't want to breathe through his mouth - every time he did the coughing would start.  EEK!

Needless to say, it was a very long night for all members of the Jackson household and we opted to keep Mr. Man home on his first day of school.  How sad is that?!?

After a day spent hangin' at home with Daddy, Bubs was back to his usual self and was excited for his new first day of school.

Thanks to all the prep work, Noah was quite confident as we walked the long hallway to his classroom.
He gave Mama and Daddy a quick hug and sauntered into the classroom like he'd been doing it all his life. 

No tears!
No fits!
No whining!

And Noah didn't either!

Could this be a sign of things to come?!?  Noah's amazing teacher e-mailed me an update later that morning and told me he was doing great!  Amazing!  Nana picked Mr. Man up after school and received a glowing report of his first day.  When I got home, Noah talked all about his day at school.  He told me about snack time, painting at the table, playing on the playground, and holding hands with his friend {who just so happened to be a sweet, little girl}.   We truly couldn't have asked for a better first day of school.

That night, we read Noah's school book again and prayed for his teacher and friends.  We talked about going back to school in the morning and prayed for another great day.

As we walked down the hallway to Noah's classroom on his second day of school, Bubs was less than enthusiastic.  What?!?  You had a great day yesterday!  You love school!  You want to do this!

Bubs disagreed!

Mr. Man seemed to be telling me that he already did this.  Yesterday.  Don't you remember?  It was fun while it lasted, but it was over.  Been there...done that.  He didn't need to do it again.

Oh, no!  Here came the tears! I literally had to peel Mr. Man out of my arms and deposit him into the waiting arms of his very patient teacher.

Apparently when we had been preparing Noah for school {visiting the classroom, reading his book, talking all about it} we failed to mention that he would be going every. single. day.

Over and over and over again.

Poor guy!

Noah's teacher reported that he had a great second day and was quick to stop crying.  That made me feel a little better.  Perhaps day three would be better.  Perhaps there wouldn't be any more crying.

Well...that was not the case.  Day three and four looked very similar to day two.  It will be interesting to see what this coming week will bring.  After the weekend at home with Mama and Daddy, will Mr. Man be excited or reluctant to start back at school?

Your guess is as good as mine...


  1. My heart is touched at how much Noah is growing up to be such a fine young boy... Mr Man :)
    Much Love to you all!
    Grandma Cindy

  2. Hang in there Noah! Going to school is sometimes tough, but almost always fun once you get there! Your folks did such good prep for this transition... you'll get through okay (all of you:).

  3. You can do it Noah! Just look at ALL that you have done so far in your little life...going to school hah!?!?! You got this one in the bag...
    If it's any consulation, cuz brroklyn still cries at drop for her preschool and it's been a's gut wrenching and I swear she does it just make my heart melt because I always get the report that she just cried when I left and was happy the rest of the day...hmmm? Noah don't do that to mommy ok?? Love you guys


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