Saturday, January 21, 2012

New School

Last week, we had Noah's initial IEP {Individualized Education Program} meeting.  It was a huge meeting with his toddler group/special education teacher, speech teacher, vision teacher, program specialist, CVRC case manager, school psychologist, school nurse, and regular education preschool teacher present.  It was determined that Mr. Man would enter the SDC {Special Day Class} half-day preschool at age three.  We are so fortunate that there is an SDC preschool at my school will be attending my school.  WOW!!!!

We have been slowly introducing Noah to this new routine.  We have changed his feeding schedule to coordinate with the preschool snack time.  We have put together his backpack and Bubs is practicing wearing it.  We are talking about going to the new school and the new classroom and the new teacher.

Last weekend we headed over to Copper Hills so Bubs {and Daddy-O} could see where his new room was.  Noah was very excited as we got out of the car.
Walking down the very long hallway, however, he became a bit more unsure of himself.  We showed Bubs where his new room was and he was less than impressed.
The sign at the front of the school was even less impressive.
We decided that a trip to the playground was in order.  Oh my goodness, Mr. Man could not take his backpack off fast enough when he saw the play structure.

There is a fish!!!  Do you hear me people?!?  A fish!!!!!!  And it's SOOOO big!!!!
He immediately climbed up the steps,
went across the fish,
and slid down the twisty slide.  What a brave boy!

He loved walking across the bouncy bridge

and even tried to figure out why it was so bouncy.
He thought the General Store should be open for business.
There were so many places to explore,
hang on,

and climb.

Can you believe that this little guy will be starting preschool soon?!?
I know he is ready...hopefully I will be too!


  1. Ahh that is so cute and so amazingly awesome that he will be able to go to your school! What a teachers dream come true!! Congrats on the next big step in Noah's life...Iand a fish really??? Could it have been more meant to be? Love all the pics! So when's the big first day?

  2. What a lucky little boy. Copper Hills preschool holds a very special place in our hearts. Teacher Becky, Teacher Alison, and Teacher Monica were so wonderful to Jackson. We miss them so much. Yay Noah!

  3. What a big boy! And what a blessing that he will be on your campus! So awesome.


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