Monday, March 5, 2012

Big Boy Bed

Almost two years ago, we started using a feeding pump to give Mr. Man food while he slept.  We found that he tolerated feeds much better while he slept {little did we know at the time that dairy and soy were the enemies of Noah's tummy}.  Later, after we realized that we needed to blend his own food to eliminate the evil dairy and soy, we struggled to cram everything he needed {protein, carbs, vegetables, fruits, fats, calcium, vitamins, minerals, water, calories, etc} into a small enough volume for one day.  We have been tinkering with his feeding schedule to try and mimic a "typical" toddler so he gets a pretty big breakfast before school, a large lunch after school, an afternoon snack, and a large dinner before bed.  He is then put on the pump at night {from about 8:00 to midnight} and given the rest of his food.
About two weeks ago, Kc {who blends all of Noah's food every night} thought he could cram everything into the daily feeds and eliminate the overnight pump.  What?!?  How awesome would that be?!?  Well...we've been at it for two weeks now and it's been quite the success.  Mr. Man wakes up quite hungry now and is eager for his breakfast and all other feeds have been going quite well.

While Bubs was on the feeding pump at night, he had to be contained in his crib.  We could not risk him getting out of bed in the middle of the night {or even in the morning} and pulling out his g-tube because it was attached via tubing to the pump.  Mr. Man has pulled out his g-tube before {all inflated and everything} and let me tell you that it is quite painful.   Now that he is off the pump at night, however,  we could finally convert his crib into a toddler bed.!

Is he ready for this?  Are we ready for this? goes nothing.

On Saturday, Kc took the front off the crib and miraculously transformed it into an "easily escape-able" toddler bed.  All of Noah's fishy friends joined in the fun!
{Charlie 2, dolphin, beluga whale, Nemo, humpback whale, Squirt, stingray, great white shark, hammerhead shark, sea horse, Charlie}

Bubs was SOOOOO thrilled with his "Big Boy Bed"!  He kept running and jumping onto it, laughing the whole time.
Before bed time, we talked extensively about the rules...once we say prayers and he lays down, he is not able to get out of bed until Mama or Daddy-O come and get him.   Our little "rule follower" said he understood so we read books, said prayers, and kissed him good-night. 
I am pleased to report that Mr. Man has {so far} followed the rules and doesn't get out of bed.

He does, however, roll/fall out of bed at night.  Insert quite chuckle.  Thankfully there are pillows on the ground and the bed is quite low as it is so Bubs doesn't wake-up...he is a NICU Baby after all {he can sleep through ANYTHING}.  Hopefully his little body will learn to adjust and roll the other way during the night.

Our Little Man is growing up so fast...can you believe it???


  1. Gooooo NOAH!!! WOW, that is so awesome. Owen gets tucked in (and sleeps with about as many loveys as you do) with all of the animals crammed in on his side as a sort of a wedge... works pretty well until he gets hot!

    PS... can't wait to see in person your bed and all your crafts! :D

  3. Oh my gosh I got a little teary-eyed there...that is a big step on multiple levels. How exciting and what an achievement u guys should be prod...and really I'm impressed he doesn't get out of his smile! Wow Noah a new preschool, a big boy bed and all those loveys...u r one lucky little man. We love u

  4. Oh Me Oh' My, What a big Guy...
    He is growing up...
    And all his friends in his bed how fun is that.....


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