Saturday, August 20, 2011

Monterey Bay Aquarium

I know it's been a while since I've blogged.  Sorry!  Life has been quite busy these past two weeks and now...I'm back at work.  

Last weekend we were blessed to head over to Monterey Bay for a final hoorah before school starts.  Some very generous friends allowed us to stay at their vacation home and it was absolutely perfect.  Perfect size.  Perfect location.  Perfect weather.  Simply perfect.

Noah particularly loved the cute little balcony at the house.  You can see the bay, hear the seals barking, and smell the sea air.  Perfect.
Can you find Noah?
Nana and PopRo came along for the ride and treated Kc and I to a date night while we were there.  Perfect.
On Friday morning, we headed over to the Monterey Bay Aquarium bright and early.  Prior to coming, Noah and I visited the website on a daily basis and watched the live web cams.  It was great to give Bubs a taste for what we would be experiencing.  

Once entering the aquarium, enormous whales greet you from above.
Mr. Man LOVED the whales.  He spent the first thirty minutes just running around under them signing "whale" "big" "up".  He was one happy Little Man.  It was quite the feat, however, to pry my Little Man away from the whales and actually observe some other ocean creatures.  He quickly became one un-happy Little Man.  Bubs created such a stink crying and signing "whale" that PopRo quickly bought him very own whale that he carried with him everywhere.  Problem solved.  Perfect.
It was so fun to watch all the fish swimming around.
 The jellyfish were spectacular.
And the puffins were so cute.  
Noah's favorite that first morning was definitely the tidal pools.  He got such a kick out of waiting for the gush of water to crash down.  There is an area that you can actually stand under the crashing water...Bubs LOVED that.
Then we went outside to see where the water ended up.  Bubs ran around, jumping up and down, every time we saw the wave...and we stayed there for quite a long time...and saw many waves...every.single.time.
Mr. Man found a little area he could stand under and peek into the tidal pool.  He is signing "water".

There were so many buttons to touch,
toys to play with,
and things to observe.
I'm so glad we got a season pass and will be heading back very soon.


  1. Looks like a great time. Nice job with the photos!

  2. Freaking darling picture of Bubs with Nana (you know that one is going in her "nana's brag book") and the one with Mama under the tide is great! How I wish our little men could have run around there together. Looks like a blast!

  3. I echo Vanessa's sentiment of the Nana-Bubs photo! So cute. :) Glad you were able to have a wonderful last hurrah before the beginning of school.

  4. How is it that Grandma Betty looks 20 years younger? Something in the salty air, perhaps?
    Great photos of your Aquarium adventures. Thanks for sharing them.

  5. Such a sweet pix Nana with your little guy! He was glad to see you back I am sure by the smile on his face!
    Thanks for the pixs Becky and KC.

  6. OH TOO CUTE!!!! So much fun... LOVE the video especially!!!! Noah, you are definitely entertaining! Love the run away dance :)


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