Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July

This past weekend, we were blessed, for the third time {2010 and 2009} to spend the Fourth of July weekend at our friend's cabin in Huntington Lake.  Kc borrowed a fun, new lens for his camera from a friend and had a blast taking pictures of Noah's adventures.   

We went on several walks around the cabin and down to the lake.  Bubs enjoyed finding rocks,
no matter how big 
or small {Bubs is signing "little"} they were.
He also liked to find sticks to throw.
I think his favorite activity, however, was looking for bugs.  
He laughed every time he found an ant on the ground and even insisted on taking a stuffed bug out for a walk.
There were climbing adventures all around the lake
 and so much fun to be had.
After all that work it was nice to sit on the deck, admire the view of the lake, and relax just a bit.  Bubs love to sit in the rocking chair with his books {Mr. Man just LOVES books}.
Sometimes he relaxed even further.

Sierra enjoyed naps on the deck as well.

Kc downloaded a new game on his iPhone for Noah...it's a concentration game with animal cards.  Mr. Man just LOVES it.  He does amazingly well, remembering where the animals are and picking the two that match.  Here is his concentration face.
After a long day in the mountains, we settled down and had chili and cornbread {in a jar}
and enjoyed the fire. 
What an amazingly relaxing weekend!


  1. What a wonderful relaxing week-end. So glad we have generous friends. Maybe instead of putting Noah down for a nap in the crib, you should put him in the rocker. Ha Ha

  2. Looks like you guys had a fun time. By the way, Casey should get the 50mm lens. I have the cheaper one and I love it.

  3. Chili in a jar. Who is the genius that came up with that and how do I make it?


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