Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Lion

Noah has a new toy thanks to his creative Pop-Ro.  In just a few short hours, a lion was carved out of an old piece of wood and presented to Mr. Man.  

We won't, however, mention the fit Bubs threw earlier that day that lead the the creation of the lion.  

We won't even talk about how he fell in love with a cow {yes a cow} that Pop-Ro was carving for a Christmas nativity {an unfinished cow, at that}.  

We won't name any names...but lets just say...that a certain someone thought the cow should be his.

This certain someone wouldn't let go of said cow...until...he was given a half of an unfinished duck.  

Yes, an unfinished duck! 

WOW! It's a shame we never give our Little Man any toys!

Who would have thought that this half of an unfinished duck would have stolen my little man's affections.  This half a duck went with us to the zoo.  Around the entire zoo.  It rode home in Mr. Man's tightly gripped hands.  It took a nap with my Little Man.  

It was an absolute favorite...until...the lion was introduced.  

Once that lion was introduced, it was all over!

Let's just say it will be impossible to pry this lion from my Little Man's hands.
True love!  Enough said!


  1. What a big personality on such a little man! Can't wait to see him. :)
    Great job on the lion Pop-Ro!

  2. That is hysterical!! We are so lucky to have PopRo in our lives...isn't his work amazing! Ok and can Bubs get any cuter these days??? Can't wait to see you guys...and check out Lion...if Bubs will show me ;)
    Auntie Mel

  3. Yes, Noah is adorable, but I have to say that your dad's talent is amazing!


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