Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bonnes Nouvelles was a very L.O.N.G. day {got home after 11:00 p.m.}.

True...Bubs was very tired and very hungry by the time we got to Stanford.

True...the surgery was over an hour late.

False...Bubs was willing and eager to get wheeled into the OR.

True...the anesthesiologist gave Mr. Man a sedative to calm him down before the surgery.

False...the sedative worked.

True...the anesthesiologist had me scrub in and carry a very unhappy Bubs into the OR.

True...I was thrilled to be able to hold my screaming son while he was put to sleep {it was the third time I've gotten to do that}.

True...Kc could not wait and got dinner in the cafeteria while I was singing "Jesus Loves Me" as Bubs was being held down by three additional nurses as the very patient anesthesiologist was attaching a pulse ox probe to Mr. Man's big toe.

False...I was able to finish my dinner {once I got it} before our MOST FANTASTIC Otolaryngologist and his French counterpart joined us to go over the results of the super speedy scope.

"Do you want the good news," he asked, "or the good news?"  

Bubs' trachea is staying open!  
Bubs' trachea was dilated to 1 cm! 
Bubs' trachea is looking great!  
Bonnes Nouvelles!  
Good News!   

We're heading back in one month for another scope but our MOST FANTASTIC Otolaryngologist said that the only thing keeping the trach in my Little Man is my Little Man himself.  Noah now has the anatomy to be able to breathe through his nose and mouth...he just has to learn how to.  

That is awesome...and the same time.  

It is now our job to teach Noah how to breathe...the thing that most people take for granted...the intrinsic task that happens 21,000 per day...the unconscious exercise that all newborns participate in...Noah now has to learn

How in the world do you teach someone how to breathe?  I must have missed that class when I went through the credential program. Where in the world do we start???

For those of you who just love are a few more of my adorable Bubs.
Looking down from above.
The white tube you can see is his trach.
You get a great shot of his trach here as well.


  1. That is great news. I'm sure it will be difficult to teach Noah to breathe without his trach, but if there's anyone who is up for the challenge, it is you two!

  2. You said it best. Wow.
    The two of you have been graced by God to handle that which the rest of us can't even imagine. He will see you through this, too. Andrew's right, I know you are up for the challenge.

  3. This is the best news yet! Hurray for little man! He can do anything when motivated. We've seen that time and again. He is one determined little crackerjack! Like his Mom and Dad! :-)


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