Sunday, January 31, 2016

Star Wars Birthday Party

Can you believe my Little Man is 7???  He is super into Star Wars and really wanted a "Jedi Training Academy" birthday party.  How fun!  

Noah helped by collecting all the Star Wars toys he already owned and we spread those throughout the house to decorate.

Kc and I planned four fun training events that the boys would participate in and, of course, the forecast was for rain all weekend long.  We moved everything from the backyard to the garage and it worked out perfectly!
My AMAZING HUSBAND hung black, plastic tablecloths around the garage and created a fun, space environment.  Noah had to inspect everything before the party started.
All Padawans started with "Blaster Training".  Now my husband informed me that no true Jedi would use a blaster...they prefer the lightsaber which is a gentleman's weapon.  I knew the boys would have fun with Nerf did it anyway.

The Padawans had to blast the Stormtrooper from 10 feet away.
They had so much fun and Kc was a great stacker!
The next task for all Padawans was to master the lightsaber.  They had to use their lightsaber and keep a balloon up in the air as long as possible.

Next, the Padawans traveled to Mustafar to participate in an epic duel.  They had to walk across the rocks and balance on the beam without falling in the lava.  This was so much fun to watch!

My Little Miss wanted to be front and center at all times.  She had a blast battling with the her princess dress, of course!

The Padawans' final task was to destroy the Death Star.  I took an inexpensive soccer ball pinata and transformed it into a Death Star.
I was pretty proud of my paint job!
Each boy got three whacks with a reinforced lightsaber.

It proved to be the pinata that would not die!  With a little help, however, the boys were able to destroy it!

We followed our training with snacks to replenish the young trainees.  We had lightsaber fruit kebabs,
cheese and cracker TIE fighters,
chocolate wafer and marshmallow TIE fighters, 
R2D2 cookies,
as well as Vader Veggies, Sarlac Dip, 7 Leia Dip, and Trooper Scoopers.  So cute!

Before leaving, each boy was presented with their official Jedi Knight certificate
and an adorable treat bag.
I found the play pack (coloring book and stickers) and Darth Vader key ring at Target on clearance. The Star Wars tissues and mini blasters were from the Dollar Tree and how cute are the Star Wars gummy treats.

It was such a fun party and before going to bed, Noah declared that his birthday party was "the BEST PARTY EVER"!  Mission accomplished!!!


  1. You are awesome! Nice job and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Noah!

  2. I just came across your blog. I'm currently in the NICU with my week old baby. The suspected diagnosis is the same as your beautiful son's. I'm hoping we can touch base so that I can learn to be like you bc right now, I'm just trying to breathe.
    Desperate in Philly.
    How can I send you my information without it being posted? Please respond. Please.

    1. Hello! I am so sorry that your little one is in the NICU. I would love to get in touch with you. You can email me at any time at

    2. There is also a Facebook group for children born with Fraser's Syndrome.

  3. Hope your birthday party went well. Heard a lot about event space Atlanta from my colleagues and planning to book one for my husband's success party soon. Will invite all his colleagues and friends. Cake and drinks will be branded ones. Dinner and desserts are the same we hire often for parties. Menu is yet to be finalized.


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