Monday, October 31, 2011

Bay Area Discovery Museum

It's been a while.  I know, I know.  These past two weeks have been BUSY to say the least.  I was beginning to feel as though I'd been swallowed by a whale but I am slowly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  

This past weekend, the Jacksons decided to take a spontaneous trip.  A weekend get-away.  A mini vacation, if you will.  We decided to head to...
San Francisco!

How could you not love this city?!?

Don't get me wrong, I could never live there {crowds, traffic, crowds, transportation, crowds, cost, did I mention the crowds?}, but is it ever a fun place to visit.

We decided to take Noah to the Bay Area Discovery got amazing recommendations from Cuz Hunter.  Let me tell you, it is quite possibly the BEST place for little tikes in all of California!  It was truly designed so that kiddos can run, climb, splash, throw, dig, cut, paint, build, learn, and play on everything.

Our first stop was the wave workshop.  Bubs loved to splash in the wave pools,
  learn about wind,
watch himself on TV,
 and admire his super cute reflection in the mirror.
While there, he fell in love with a whale and was quite sad to say "good-bye" to his new friend.
 We quickly headed to Look Out Cove and got to explore the wreckage from a pirate ship,
search for burried treasure,
and dig for fossils.
Next stop was the Festival Plaza where Mr. Man found a nifty tire with bars and washers.  When you slide the stack of washers to the top of the bar, they slowly twist and spin in circles as they make their way down.
Bubs just LOVED this.
He spent quite a bit of time sliding the washers up, watching them spin down, sliding them back up, and watching them spin down again.
 We made our way over to the Tot Spot and Bubs found the water, frogs, and fish.  What is it with this guy and water.  He just loves to splash and play.

He also found a turtle to climb on.  So much fun!
  Once inside the Tot Spot, there were branches to find,
 bridges to build,
 ducks to find, 
owls to love,
and structures to climb. 
They also had the most amazing water tunnels to crawl under
and ponds {water beds} to jump on.
We had SO. MUCH. FUN!  Bubs had SO. MUCH. FUN! We tried to take a cute photo on our way out but Mr. Man would have none of it...he was so tired.  I don't even think Daddy had backed out of the parking spot before Noah was asleep in the car. 
All in all it was a wonderful weekend!  We visited Pier 39, had yummy clam chowder, watched the sea lions, and admired the beautiful city.  Such a nice way to take a break, relax, and regroup.
I hope y'all have a wonderful Halloween filled with plenty of treats and only a few tricks.


  1. Wow....I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you guys went to the discovery museum!! Yes it is by far one of our favorite places. Visiting SF is a bit debatable for me still...but I'm sure we'll be back there one time or another & we should plan it so we can get the boys to go back to DM. love all the pics you got...peanut does the same thing when it's time for a pic..I've tried before play, during play, snack time and the end...with all the same result "mom I don't have time for this" pose. Looks like it was a good time to go...clear blue sky :) lots of love

  2. Hey I know you guys are over in our area a lot for non-fun reasons but if you're ever back on an adventure, we'd love to meet up for a meal! HUGS!!!


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