Monday, February 28, 2011

Just Add Water

We've talked about how much Bubs loves to splash while taking a bath in the sink.  We've also shared his first experience in a big boy bathtub.  We decided after that bathtub experience that the kitchen sink would do just fine for the time being.  And it did...until...we were no longer at home.

Over Christmas, we spent time with Grandma and Grandpa in Rocklin and had to give Mr. Man a bath in their tub.  Once again, he HATED it!!!!!  Bubs refused to sit down in the water and cried and pointed out of the tub over and over again.  Noah is such a stickler for routine and takes for-ev-er to adapt to anything new.  I knew that if we wanted him to take a bath in a tub by the time he was twelve years old, we had better start training now.  {I might be exaggerating just a bit}

Since the beginning of January, Bubs has taken a bath in the tub every night.  And every single night, it has been the same...

Step 1 - Refuse to sit down.
Step 2 - Cry non-stop.
Step 3- Wag finger in the air and then point O-U-T of the heinous tub.

We tried everything we could think of to make it more agreeable for him - more water, less water, different toys, no toys, playing in the tub before adding water, etc.  Nothing seemed to work.  Mr. Man just HATED the tub.

That is...until...two weeks ago.

Bubs had a bath in Nana and Pop-Ro's tub and took to it immediately.  He sat down and started playing with the boats that Cuz Jonah left in the tub.

So if Cuz Jonah says it's cool to play in the tub, then you're gunna do it?!?  I truly wish I had known that earlier. Note to self...peer pressure is not always a bad thing.
Now, Noah looks forward to his nightly bath {and so do his parents}.
He loves playing with his Fisher Price Noah's Ark as well as some squirting toys.
Every night, Bubs seems to be telling me how much fun the bath is. 

Bathtub + Noah + Water = FUN!!!!


  1. Positive peer pressure is a very good thing! I do have to admit, however, that I am not looking forward to moving our little man into the big boy sure is A LOT easier on the knees to stand straight up :-)

  2. Yeah for Noah and THANKS to Nana and Pop-Ro for their tub!!! It might have been a bit embarasing for Noah to be in the kitchen sink getting his bath at 12--HAHAHA! GO NOAH!!

  3. I'm sitting here laughing because our little tikes seem to have the smith gene (and i say smith with a great deal of affection because it wouldn't it couldn't come from me...oh no!) gene of "determination" is that a nice way of putting it?? nothing wrong with peer pressure and nothing wrong with bribery...ahh the joys of parenting that somehow were left out of all those baby books hah??

  4. Hi five Cuz!!! Who knows, there may be joint bath times in our little men's futures!

  5. That is great! And I have to say again, what great photos and writing too!


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